The Listening Program®


The Listening Program® is an easy, pleasurable, and effective method to improve your brain health and performance.

The Listening Program® is a music listening therapy, personalised to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.  The Listening Program® music is not only effective but is a joy to listen to. Created by the world’s leading authorities in applied music effects research, The Listening Program® music is designed to help you: 

Stress less. Listen better. Get your brain, sound and fit.

Created by Advanced Brain Technologies, The Listening Program® is used and trusted by thousands of people in over 35 countries and is commonly used to support changes in a wide range of brain performance areas, including 

The Listening Program® involves listening to acoustically modified instrumental music to enhance listening skills and to “train” the brain, strengthening neurological pathways to improve your ability to learn, communicate, and process information.

Music listening not only involves the auditory areas of the brain, but also engages large-scale neural networks including; prefrontal cortex, motor cortex, sensory cortex, auditory cortex, visual cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala, nucleus accumbens, corpus callosum, autonomic nervous system, vestibular system, and the enteric nervous system.

The scientific field of psychoacoustics, which is the psychological study of the human perception of sound, informs much of our understanding of auditory perception and the effects of music on our mind, body, brain and emotions. The Listening Program® music is designed to train the brain’s ability to perceive and process the four primary building blocks of auditory perception; frequency, amplitude, time, and spatial location.

All of  The Listening Program® music has been recorded and engineered with world-class musicians including the award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble under the musical direction of Richard Lawrence, and composer and master ethno-percussionist Nacho Arimany, among others. Music is offered in Spatial Surround® sound providing a wide variety of listening with a rich tapestry of sound featuring compositions by Mozart, Haydn, Vivaldi, and Danzi.

Listen to a sample of The Listening Program® and learn more about the music at Advanced Brain Technologies.

Music Sample of The Listening Program®

A recent research article published in The International Journal of Listening in June 2020.

Changes in Auditory Processing After Completing The Listening Program Training

Frequency Zones

You are touched by sound vibrations at every moment. And certain sounds, provided in the right context can organize your neural activity, support your health, balance emotions, bring calm, and provide energy to carry you through your day.

Your brain mirrors what it perceives, changing in response to its experiences. The Listening Program® music trains your brain through the experience of listening to modules of specially recorded music, which is acoustically-modified and arranged into frequency zones.

These zones are mapped to brain regions which respond to different properties of sound according to the vibratory frequency, just as the keys on a piano are tuned to play different musical notes. This mapping is referred to as tonotopicity.

Four training zones provide music which progresses across the full range of human sound perception. These are labelled; blue, red, orange and green. Each zone focuses on a different band of sound frequencies which have qualities that individually and collectively contribute to your brain health and performance. Within each zone, you progress through different types of training, rated by level. Higher levels of training are presented as you gain listening experience.


Choosing the right program for you:

At Hemispheres, we will work with you to create a personalized, adaptive sound brain fitness protocol, designed to meet your goals. Your provider will work with you to personalize your program, targeting specific areas of the brain performance, including; executive function, communication, auditory processing, social & emotional, stress management, motor coordination, and creative expression. Training in these areas can greatly improve all areas of your life leading to better health, increased productivity and more self-confidence. There are four different programs that can be modified to suit the needs of the individual:

THE LEVEL ONE LISTENING PROGRAM can typically be adapted to suit most listeners. It provides support to individuals experiencing challenges with:

  • Listening
  • Speech & language
  • Attention
  • Auditory processing
  • Reading & spelling
  • Dyslexia

With individualized programming, the best possible outcome is optimized with both Classical music only, and music blended with beautiful sounds of nature.

THE SPECTRUM LISTENING PROGRAM is a foundational program created for individuals with sensory sensitivities. SPECTRUM is typically most suited to:

  • Those on the Autism Spectrum
  • Those with a Brain Injury
  • Aged or Elderly
  • Those with Sensory sensitivity
  • Spectrum is very gentle for a sensitive or underdeveloped CNS

THE ACHIEVE LISTENING PROGRAM is an intermediate to experienced level program developed for older children, teens, and adults seeking changes in:

  • learning
  • communication
  • reading
  • memory
  • attention
  • concentration

THE INTIME LISTENING PROGRAM is a dynamic, rhythm-based music program created for anyone looking for changes in:

  • focus
  • attention
  • motivation
  • organisation
  • rhythm awareness
  • coordination
  • adaptive responses to stress

InTime provides listening training and fun movement activities, using body, drum, and voice.

All programs are delivered via headphones with the choice of standard ABT Approved Air Conduction Headphones or the Advanced System Waves Multi-Sensory Air and Bone Conduction Headphones.


The Listening Program® method of Music-Based Auditory Stimulation™ is enhanced with the addition of bone conduction technology with the ABT Bone Conduction System.

This exciting technology takes The Listening Program®  to a whole new level of effectiveness. It combines the experience of listening to music through modified headphones adding subtle, synchronized acoustic vibration of the skin and skeletal system, engaging the whole body and brain in the listening process. This multi-sensory approach accelerates and expands the benefits of The Listening Program.

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about The Listening Program® you can book a session with one of our certified providers to see how you or your child could benefit from the program. During the initial session, your provider will develop an appropriate, individual listening protocol. In general, you will use The Listening Program® once or twice a day for 15 to 30 minutes, five days a week. A typical listening schedule is completed in 20 to 40 weeks. As we monitor your progress, we will make adjustments throughout the listening plan to meet you or your child’s needs. Your trained The Listening Program®  provider will be there with you at every step to serve as your coach, helping you get the most from your listening. They will provide consultation, including; training, monitoring, measuring progress, making schedule adjustments, and providing tips and tools to ensure success. Click on the following link to see if you or your child could benefit from The Listening Program®

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